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Well this was a very long time ago, but I started playing PC games on my brother’s pc and he was playing Half-Life at the time, now in between rounds he would let me jump on and have a go.

Eventually my Mom and Dad brought me my own pc (p2 350mhz) which top of the range back then 😛 don’t get me wrong I was really bad when I first started playing, but I loved the game

 so i stuck at it till i get decent and i played it for about 7 years… which in the first couple of years I managed to make a name for myself and people rated me as the no.1 player in the world, I then went undefeated for about 5 years when I quit to move to the Pro scene. I did this because a lot of players knew how good I was at Half-life and they would say go play Professionally… I always thought that would be a dream but always doubted my ability to compete at the top level. At this time Pain Killer was on the CPL world tour and I got into this game over a bet with someone. One of my mates said these two guys who played for ‘Team-Zboard’ at the time where on the world tour for Pain Killer and said just see how you do against them so in my very first night of playing I beat the one pretty easy 😛 and then the             second guy within a week… So this is were I met a really good friend of mine to this day ‘Zaccubus’ who was the UK’s no.1 at the time, me and him played for hrs and hrs and he said “your good enough for the tour Gareth you should come to Singapore” which was the next stop on the tour. I placed top 12 which from that I qualified for the CPL World Tour Finals  in New York. So from there I had many offers to go represented many teams. So pretty much  that is the story shorted down of how I started playing to how I got into the professional scene for FPS gaming

Tek-9 for about 6months

ATR (All The Rage) for about 2 Years

Team-Dignitas for about 10 Years

World No.1 Half-Life Player

UK No.1 Pain Killer Player

UK No.1 Quake Live Player

UK No.1 Quake 4 Player

UK No.1 Unreal Tournament 3 Player

UK No.1 Shootmania Player

Well this is an interesting question, I have currently played in the pro-scene for over 10years but I have always run my own business as well at the same time. So starting at the end my May I will be leaving my business to go full time gaming which hopefully I will be playing Quake Champions. This has always been one thing I’ve wanted to do and that is to play games and give it 100% which I have never been able to do in the past, it will be interesting to see how good I  can get when I give it 100% 🙂

So mainly I will be streaming Quake Champions when they allow me to 🙂 but you can also look forward to me playing games such as Quake Live, Unreal Tournament 4, H1Z1 King of   the Kill and CS:GO.


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