At ESWC 17 in Paris  GaRpY managed to improve on his second-place finish at DreamHack Denver with a win in the grand final against Swedens Spart1l. Not only did GaRpY finish top but also in doing so became the first UK eSports competitor to win a Major!

Raisy also managed to continue his good form from DreamHack Denver which he won to finish in third place here securing €1,750 and another podium finish for Myztro. ESWC have fantastic production at their events, check out this recap video below to see what you missed out on!

Back to back Major wins for Myztro Gaming in Quake Champions with 5

out of 6 possible podium finishes, all the boys this weekend played fantastically and had a great time thanks to ESWC staff.

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